YARSI Researcher Award 2017

In the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of YARSI University, we are pround to present :
YARSI Researcher Award 2017
We would like to recognize and celebrate the research achievement of Indonesian Scientists in the Life Science, Information Technology, and Social & Culture Science. This award offers worthwhile incentives to researchers who have shown great potency in their fields of expertise. Therefore, we invite Indonesian scientist to submit their work and participate in the YARSI Researcher Award 2017 Competition.


– Opens for scientists with Indonesian citizenship and affiliated with Indonesian Institution
– Participant has not won any other competition within outside Indonesia
– Research experience within 10 years
– Submission Period : Feb – March 31st, 2017
– The submission should be sent through email : yarsi.researcher.award@gmail.com
– All submission must be written in English
– Participant must complete a CV form that can be downloaded at YRA Website
– Participant has to submit executive summary in pdf document (.pdf), more than 3 pages and less than 10 pages, with font Arial, size 11, and 1.5 line spacing. The executive summary has to describe their research achievement, recognition (publication, funded research, etc), significance of contribution, and future research plan.
– Participant has to submit their outstanding research in A1 paper size, potrait, pdf document (.pdf) consisted of :
a. Abstract
b. Introduction
c. Research Methodology
d. Result
e. Discussion
f. Conclusion
g. Reference

More detail, please visit yarsiresearcheraward2017.yarsi.ac.id 

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