The 2nd ICoBio (International Conference on Biosciences)

The current theme of the 2nd ICoBio is “from genes to ecosystems” which covers broad range of biological research. This particular theme may accommodate diverse biological-related researchers from various countries and scientific institutions to communicate their research and expertise. By joining this conference, we shall elaborate the insights on current trends in biosciences as well as foster the networking among biologists and relevant stakeholders to further accelerate our effort in understanding biological phenomena and their applications substantial for sustainable living.
It is worth nothing that, the upcoming 2nd ICoBio event genuinely highlights the important aspect of basic and applied research on biosciences. In this era, cross-disciplinary sciences, such as molecular biology, bioinformatics, bionanotechnology, and social biosciences are essential for creating a better world. These interdisciplinary sciences will not only allow us to advance in sustainable food and energy security, healthcare, and environment, but also in our social relationships.
It is a matter of great privilege for us to invite you to contribute a research paper and participate in the deliberations of the conference.
We look forward to welcome you at Bogor, the home of Bogor Agricultural University.

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